Wedding Limo Hire..

If you're not in the wedding party, it can be hard to find things to amuse yourself in between the ceremony and the reception, as while the bride and groom are off having their photos taken and being looked after by their bridesmaids and groomsmen, the guests are often left to their own devices.

Therefore, to make the wedding of one of your friends or family members special, without having to check your watch every five minutes and wonder when the pre-dinner drinks will be served, hire a limousine as a wedding guest.

Having a limousine on hand will give you a great way to kill time in between a ceremony and reception. Often there is a large block of time allowed and while the ceremony starts at one o'clock, the reception venue may not start allowing guests until six o'clock that evening. Therefore, while you have been up all morning getting ready for the wedding and doing your hair and makeup and getting your outfits just right, all your hard work will be for nothing if you have to slum around for hours until the main event.

However, by hiring a limousine as a wedding guest, you have somewhere clean, accessible and comfortable to retreat to after the ceremony and before the reception. Your limousine chauffeur will discreetly wait for you after the ceremony so as not to be confused with the wedding limousines, and you and your friends or family can enjoy a cruise around town in a limousine while you have some private pre-dinner prinks of your own.

Escaping to the limousine also gives you a chance to freshen up after the ceremony and before the reception in a clean, private and comfortable space of your own, rather than having to jostle other people in the bathroom of a bar down the road.

For more information about hiring a limousine to kill time at the next wedding you are invited to, contact Bently Hire London now.